Family Day Home Program


Approved family day homes are private residences where children are cared for by a qualified person living in the home. Unlike licensed day cares, approved family day homes offer child care to no more than six children per home, which includes the caregiver's own children.

Much like your own home, a family day home offers a warm and positive environment where children feel safe. They are also supported and monitored by government contracted family day home agencies, so you can be sure the program meets or exceeds government standards in everything from nutrition to health and safety. 

Alberta Children and Youth Services can provide financial assistance to help eligible low and middle-income families with the cost of using an approved family day home.

To Become a Family Dayhome

 Open Your Own Day Home

A career as a self-employed day home provider gives you:

  • time to be at home with your family
  • additional household income
  • flexible work hours
  • specialized support, resources and training
  • the opportunity to shape a child’s future

    Day homes are in high demand. You could benefit from paid training, possible tax benefits and you can spend more time at home with your own children!

    How much can you earn?

    As a self-employed day home provider, you could earn as much as $3,000-$4,500 each month while working at home!

    Example A - $44,000/ year

    You have an infant of your own and a child between 3 and 5 years old.  You are able to provide care to another infant and three children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old. You could make up to $3000 monthly ($34,500 annually).  With the highest level of training, you could make up to $3,700 monthly ($44,000 annually).

    Example B - $55,000/ year

    If your children are over age 12, you can take in two infants and four preschoolers.  You could earn up to $3,700 monthly ($45,000 annually).  With the highest level of training, you could earn up to $4,500 monthly ($55,000 annually).

    Find A Family Day Home Agency

    You can find a family day home in your community by contacting a Day Home Agency.  Click here for a listing of all the Day Home Agencies operating in the North Central Alberta region.

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